The Bristol Gut Study is a novel investigation into the relationship between our guts and mind. A simple study which will utilise complex causal modelling to hopefully revolutionise the way we consider the relationship between our gut's health and our mental health, with exciting applications for clinical intervention. 





If you struggle with your gut then this study is a way for you to contribute to a growing field of research whilst also having the opportunity to win £25. The study involves filling in two questions on gut health and sleep quality, followed by a short questionnaire on mood, daily for two weeks. The survey does need to be completed 14 days running, as this is the only way to attempt to establish a degree of causality. These questions should only take 5 minutes. If you are interested in taking part, then please do click the link at the top of the page. This link is just for the first day, the following days you will be sent an email with a link to that day's survey.


Thank you for your time!


If you have any questions about the study, then do not hesitate to contact me, David Thorne, on

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